Meet some of the ladies who’ve completed a BBV transformation…

“These ladies are my everyday motivation. NOW it’s your turn,  come and join our community!”

Chelsea, 30, London

Chelsea’s commitment to my programme was second to none, she absolutely smashed her transformation. This was 9 weeks into her 16 week transformation and she had dropped 10% body fat whilst preserving lean muscle mass. Chelsea says, “My only regret about the entire journey was not starting with Vicky sooner”.

Val, IT Business Analyst
I thought gym routine was never for me until I met Vicky. I started training with her with the hope of getting a healthier habit and losing a bit of weight. Never would have thought that I’d manage such a transformation and become a gym lover! Her positive attitude, constant support, and personalised training and nutrition approach is what changed my life for the better! She’s always there, to answer all of your questions at any time, support you and push you to your limits to achieve your goals! There is no “I cannot do it” in her dictionary and she’ll help you through it, every step of the way! I am so glad I met her and I can call her not only a trainer, but a friend!

April Bontford-Clark, London
I have always been a slim build however I never seemed to be able to gain muscle or ‘tone up’. Vicky taught me that if I wanted to build muscle, ‘tone up’ and be strong enough to take on an ultra-marathon that I needed to fuel my body. I quickly trusted Vicky & found the more I trusted her the more my physical and mental barriers disappeared. I now have the healthiest relationship with food & my body! Vicky is not just a PT, she is a great friend. She is bubbly, approachable & has an infectious energy. If you are contemplating a PT, choose Vicky she will change your life & improve your body confidence.

Laurr 23, London 

Vicky has transformed my life in ways far beyond physical fitness. Vicky has empowered me and helped me learn how to love myself. I feel mentally and physically stronger due to Vicky’s encouraging and supportive training style. She is always only a text there to guide diet, exercise and most importantly confidence. The way I feel now is something I never believed was possible.

Michelle, Administrator, London

I was at my lowest point when Vicky got in touch to say she had a PT slot open, and it is honestly the best thing I have ever done. Her positivity & belief in her clients to achieve their goals is astounding & you can’t help but trust her… Her positive energy is infectious! I never dreaded a session as I knew it would be equally full of hard work & laughter. I could feel myself becoming stronger, fitter, leaner and most importantly, happier. I can’t recommend Vicky enough because she has honestly changed my life.

Tina, Vice President, Investment Banker

My fitness journey with Vicky began after 2 major life events: losing my Mum after her fight with cancer & the end of a long-term relationship. I started PT sessions to lose some fat & tone up. What I have achieved with Vicky has massively exceeded all my expectations not only physically but also mentally. No humiliation or shouting, just belief and vibrant encouragement which really has brought out the best in me. Within the 1st month I had lost weight, was eating a healthier diet & looked & felt better. I highly recommend Vicky. Not only is she an excellent PT, she is a genuinely lovely person & I can not thank her enough for helping me achieve my goals.

Sophia, 26 London

Working with Vicky has been so rewarding and also lots of fun. Not only is Vicky my trainer but she also became a friend helping me on my fitness journey both in the gym and out. Training with Vicky helped me to completely transform my body and mind whilst also maintaining a busy social lifestyle. Having had my first baby, I can’t wait to get back on my fitness journey creating my next transformation.

Koral, London

Koral achieved a fantastic transformation. She worked exceptionally hard on the lifestyle programme which meant she could enjoy a few social events whilst still working on her fitness & nutrition goals. Through nutritional advice we found out about a dairy intolerance Koral was suffering with & managed to dramatically reduce bloating. Koral has since moved into the fitness industry herself and is now an incredible yoga instructor.

Kirsty, PR Senior Account Manager, Soho
When I came to Vicky my self-esteem was the lowest it had been in a long while, not just about my body but how I felt emotionally too. Spending two nights a week with her for three months made more difference to my confidence than I could ever have anticipated – she is the most positive, kind and kick-ass woman I have had the pleasure of spending time with and she has made me a fan of hers (and her way of getting fitter and healthier while belly-laughing the entire time) for life!
Edyta, Financial Controller at CP Docklands Hotel
Working with Vicky on my fitness is great! She is extremely knowledgeable in her area of expertise. When I thought I couldn’t do it I was never allowed to give up, . It just become clear that with hard work I can achieve what I believed to be impossible. The faith Vicky had in me that I could hold on to the diet plan (I never followed any diet before) was just unbelievable. I can’t recommend Vicky enough. Best PT ever!

Sha, 31 London

Since starting training sessions with Vicky, my overall strength & fitness has improved massively, I am now able to perform exercises I would never have attempted on my own. Her knowledge on nutrition is admirable and her dedication to helping people is commendable. Vicky’s sessions are always fun, whilst she continues to mix up the training so it never gets boring. It’s the best decision I made and am glad to have met vicky

Lynsey, 31 London

Vicky is always fully of energy! In my first session I couldn’t even do one sit up. Fast forward a year later at the age of 31 I have now learnt to do headstands, walkovers, PB 90kg deadlifts reps and much more…. my diet plan is great and has really helped manage my IBS (which I didn’t know I had until Vicky) overall I am in the best shape i have been in & can’t wait to hit the beach this summer in a bikini after years of being to embarrassed to wear any form of swimwear. I would definitely recommend Vicky as a PT she is a wonderful person who has now become a friend.

Farah Docrat, Senior Analytics Sales Consultant, Marylebone
Vicky has a great sense of humour, her high energy lifts even the most miserable people! She is charming, down-to-earth and regardless of the difficulty of the workout, always makes sure that her clients leave with a smile on their faces.
Vicky is a gem of a person; she never tires of pushing and motivating me to exceed my goals. I am not a morning person and Vicky is the only person on the planet who can wake me for a 6am workout!

Jess Buttigieg, Nanny/Student

Vicky’s attentiveness to all her clients is second to none. She is so giving of her time and knowledge, and no question or query is ever too much to ask. Her programming is always varied and unique, and that is a big part of why it keeps you interested in your training and on track with your goals. Vicky has been an integral part of my fitness journey, and she certainly puts the “Personal” part into Personal Training, no matter what.

I've been training with Vicky for a year and she is an exceptional trainer. In the past year she has helped me lose 10kg, not only has the weight come off but my physique is changing too as well as a huge increase in my fitness levels.

A year ago, I couldn’t hold a plank for 10 seconds, now I’m able to go for 1 minute 30 seconds.
Vicky is also a big advocate of good mental health and encompasses this as part of her training regiment.
As a person, Vicky is a little ball of energy that spreads light and positivity amongst her clients. Her positive attitude really helps uplift your mood and the ‘hardcore’ sessions become so enjoyable. I would highly recommend Vicky as a trainer, she’s absolutely brilliant.

FemmaAI startup founder, Canary Wharf

Vicky is an amazing PT! I have been training with her for 8 months now and one thing I look forward to every weekend is my training session with her! She is very good at tailoring the exercises to suit my body type and what’s more, the sessions are never boring! They are so much fun and she always encourages me to try new things! Since I started training with Vicky, I feel a lot healthier and stronger - she is definitely one of the best PT's I have ever had and I really look forward to many more years of training with her!


I have been training with Vicky for over one and half years, and I'm two sizes down, and I still can see my body changing day by day, plus I have gained so much confidence and become very happy with my body shape. I haven’t achieved my full goal yet, however even I did I would still train with Vicky, not only for maintenance, this is literally how we spend time with your pt friends nowadays! (LOL)

YaoHead of China at, Green park

Vicky has been THE best personal trainer I've had! What I love the most is the positivity she brings into training, and this keeps me excited to come to training. I really like that I'm learning something new each session - be it a bridge , wall walk outs, splits - it has brought much confidence into my life!

ShrutiAmazon, Head of Fashion