3 Meal delivery companies to suit your needs!

When it comes to eating let’s face it, we all LOVE our food… But what if you don’t have the time to cook? Or worse – if you can’t cook?! Don’t worry we’ve got you sorted with these three incredible meal delivery companies suiting all of your needs!


Fresh Fitness Food

Some of the meal options from Fresh Fitness Food

When it comes to getting fit, we ALL know the age old quote,  ‘abs are made in the kitchen’ however not all of us have time to spend weighing, measuring and prepping the food and that’s before it even gets cooked! So, what other options are there? Well, thankfully there’s Fresh Fitness Food, a bespoke meal prep company that prepares meals for your goals. With multiple different package options from lean muscle building, competition prep, wellness and fat loss.

I chose the wellness plans and was even given the opportunity to put my own macros, which for a personal trainer and gym-bunny like myself is literally a dream come true! I filled out a questionnaire saying my allergies, intolerances and food preferences and was set up to receive my delivery the following week.

Why we LOVE it? The FFF bags are delivered to a safe place of your choice during the night. The food is prepared fresh for your day by chefs and nutritionists and arrives in black cool bags with tupperware inside. Each day the meals were different and exciting, ranging from vegan lentil dishes, to fish dishes to freshly prepared and delicious omelet’s for breakfast. Every day they also provide a morning juice or charcoal shot on the wellness plan to give your body an ultimate detox cleanse!

Protein oreos fresh fitness food

Vicky’s favourite snack: The Protein Oreos

My favourite breakfast of the 3 days I tried FFF for has to be the vegan coconut and mango yoghurt with fruit salad and fresh mango. My favourite main meal was the Lentil Tabbouleh with roasted butternut and tomatoes in an olive caper sauce and my favourite snack was most definitely the protein oreos which tasted far too good to actually be healthy (but they were!).


Photo Source: Fresh Fitness Food

For a starting price of just £23.00 a day Fresh Fitness Food is certainly worth it for those who are too busy to prep your food and my rating is definitely a 5*.


Mindful chef food prep company

The Zingy Salmon Salad: Mindful Chef

Mindful Chef is the answer to those who LOVE cooking especially when it’s made easy! These nutritious and delicious recipes are sent to you in a grocery box with a recipe card teaching you step by step guidelines of how to create the perfect dish… it’s that easy, I promise – I even made the above photo (and that’s saying something!)

“I was able to cook a meal that I never thought I’d be able too, without burning!”

The dishes can be chosen from the website and have a complete nutritional breakdown of calories and macros as well as ingredients to ensure your dish suits your goals and desires. I had the Zingy Salmon Salad (£8.50 pp) with mangetout and tomatoes and it tasted incredible. The whole process took about 35 minutes including prepping the foods and cooking it and served two people with good sized portions.

My partner Josh opted for the Steak Fajita Salad (£8.00 pp) which again was super easy and fun to prepare, in his words “I was able to cook a meal that I never thought I’d be able too, without burning!” The salad was delicious and our taste buds were set on fire by the sizzling dish!

At such an affordable price I would rate Mindful Chef 5/5 for convenience and the dishes are extremely easy to follow and creative so if you are bored of your day to day meals it’s definitely one to try!

Try it here now


Gousto Recipe

Vicky having cooked a fish recipe by Gousto

Gousto is another perfect answer to your typical grocery shop. It arrives in a box with vegetables, spices, condiments and meats (secured in a cool bag) and is hidden in a safe place of your choice if you are not in. You choose how many people between two and four you want to cook for and then select the meals you fancy making.

“Gousto combines the excitement of cooking with the standard of dining at a restaurant together!”

I opted for gluten free options including the ‘Smoked Fish With Warm Green Bean & Potato Salad’, ‘Moroccan Lentil Stew With Roasted Chickpeas’ and the ‘Smoky Spanish Chicken with Patatas Bravas & Aioli’ dishes. My favourite was the smoked fish and potato salad dish pictured above, there were two portions for both my partner Josh and I of all the meals. The fresh potato salad combined with the fish made up the perfect summer evening dish in the comfort of our own home. Preparing the food together was simple and easy and gave us a fun addition to date night – Gousto combines the excitement of cooking with the standard of dining at a restaurant together!

Each day the dishes change depending on what’s on the menu and your postcode that it is delivering too, meaning you are always spoilt for choice! I would definitely recommend the Patatas Bravas & Aioli dish to try as well, as a huge lover of Patas Bravas you can’t go wrong with this meal.

Browse Gousto’s menu here

Gousto Recipes Meal prep

The boxes are extremely affordable starting at just £24.99 for two recipes

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