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What is Body By Vicky?

Body By Vicky (BBV) is my concept to fitness. I help women achieve their happiest, healthiest and hottest versions of themselves by regaining their confidence and achieving goals they never thought possible!

I knew health & fitness was the career for me from a young age. I started writing in the fitness industry and was featured many times on Mail Online and I fell in love with fitness and all that came with it. It made me feel physically and mentally strong, empowered and happy and I knew I wanted to share that feeling with others.
Body By Vicky is a way for me to share my love, passion and knowledge of health and fitness with other women around the World. I have helped hundreds of women tone up, get healthy and achieve goals they never thought possible, and that is why I find my job the most rewarding of them all.
There are many different ways you can join me at Body By Vicky: 1-1 training, online coaching, through my plans and community of women, in one of my bootcamps or of course by following my blog! I can’t wait to help you achieve your healthiest and happiest self. Love Vicky x
Personal Training 1-1

Personal Training with Vicky around London, 30 / 45 / 60 minute classes available.

Online Coaching

Intensive guidance through the screen. Online coaching with Vicky involves regular check-ins and support through the programmes she devises for you and your goals.

BBV Plans

Join the ever growing community of women and start your transformation with one of the BBV plans today!

BBV Bootcamps

Find the nearest BBV bootcamp to you and come and get sweaty together!

“Voted in London’s Top 7 PT’s by Women’s Health”

Personal Training with Vicky is a very fun and enjoyable experience. As a female transformation specialist, Vicky will create you a programme designed to help you achieve your goals and work with you closely to ensure you achieve it whilst having a positive experience the entire time. You will not only improve strength, endurance but she will ensure you learn new skills and improve your flexibility alongside.